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Welcome to the official JV page for Fitness & Health Infographic Posts Bundle

This is a package containing 1000+ Fitness & Health Infographic Posts, that customers can edit, download and upload on the main social platforms in less than 5 minutes.

This is a super hot trending niche and everyday we see a lot of Instagram profiles getting a ton of engagement and followers by uploading this informative images!

Most of them also are making huge Affiliate commissions by linking affiliate offers or websites in their profile and content. This is one of the best ways to get some passive income from Affiliate Marketing (I explain how to do this in the first OTO).

Unfortunately usually there’s a lot of work to do with finding good quality and informative content and creative all the posts, but with this package i solve the problem, because customers can download infographic posts everyday and upload them on every social platform in minutes!

Hey, Daniele Melandri here ... Who am i?

I’m an Online Marketing Expert, looking to help Marketers and Online Businesses increase results and success!


FRONT END - Fitness & Health Infographic Posts Bundle - $17 (50% Commissions)

  • 1000+ Fitness & Health Infographic Posts in square format, editable and uploadable to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and every website. The posts will be available inside Canva projects, so they can easily be edited and downloaded
  • Video Trainings on how to edit images on Canva in just a few clicks before uploading them (optional process, but very useful for giving a personal touch and getting more engagement from the Social Platforms)
  • Video Trainings on how to upload them on Instagram
  • Timely support for all my customers via my support email

FE BUMP - Additional 500+ Infographics - $10 (50% Commissions)

Additional package of 500+ Infographic Posts in the same Fitness & Health niche. This will increase the quantity of DFY posts for your customers!

OTO1 - Affiliate Secret Booster - $27 (50% Commissions)

Video Course on how to integrate Affiliate Marketing promotions in the Instagram profiles created by uploading the DFY Posts to boost the monthly passive income potential.

OTO2 - Fitness & Health Ebooks and audiobooks - $47 (50% Commissions)

Mega package of 1000 Ebooks and 100 Audiobooks on Fitness and Health with PLR or MRR rights. From nutrition to exercise to remedies for ailments, this bundle includes content from categories such as: Healthy Aging, Allergies, Immunity, Aromatherapy, Detox, Cardio, Exercise, Heart Health, Diseases, Fitness Tips, Healthy Eating & Superfoods, Metabolism and so much more …

OTO2 BUMP - Additional 40.000 PLR Articles - $17 (50% Commissions)

Additional package of 40.000 Articles about Fitness and Health with PLR rights. Customers can use them as they are, edit them and do whatever they want with them.

OTO3 - Fitness & Health Courses/programs - $67 (50% Commissions)

Mega package of Fitness and Health Video Courses and Programs regarding a lot of topics. They come with MRR rights so customers can resell them or give them away as they are. These are the programs included: 

Absolute Yoga
Age Slower
Age With Grace
Anti-Aging Hacks
Anti-Aging Secrets
Beginners Guide to Meditation
Best Fruits and Vegetables for a Power Juice
Boost Your Immune System
Breathe Relief
Bulk Like the Hulk
Bulk Up Fast
Carb Cycling for Weight Loss
Coping with Stress
Crush Insomnia
Detox Yourself
Easy Keto
Eating Healthy
Eczema Fix
Essential Oils to Boost Immunity and Fight Infections
Exploring Cupping Therapy Today
Fat Burn Fast
Fat Burn Secrets
Fit In 15
Fitness Tracking
Fountain Of Youth
Functional Fitness
Functional Strength
Gain Muscle
Get Moving Fitness Video Collection
Gluten Free Lifestyle
Healing Power of Herbs
Healthy Eating
Healthy Habits
Healthy Heart Long Life
Healthy Heart Remedy
Healthy Primal Living
Healthy Weight Loss with Paleo Diet
HIIT 2 Fit
HIIT It Hard
Home Workout Bible
Hypertrophy Manual
Immune Food Solutions
Intermittent Fasting
Intermittent Fasting Formula
Joint Health 101
Juicing For Vitality
Ketogenic Diet 101
Kettlebell 101
Kettlebell Transformation
Kombucha Kickstart
Limitless Energy
Living Paleo
Lose Your Belly Fat
Meditation For Busy People
Mindful Meditation Mastery
Muscle Building 101
Navigating The Paleo Diet
Overcome Anxiety
Paleo For Weight Loss Guides & Video Collection
Peak Pilates
Power Mass Blueprint
Reverse Aging
Run Yourself Strong
Safe and Natural Detox Methods
Simple Speed Secrets
Simple Stretching for Seniors
Smarter Brain Better Life
Spartan Vegan
Super Brain Hacks
Supercharge Your Body
Superior Brain Health
The Bulletproof Keto Diet
The Clean Eating Plan
The Foolproof Diet
The Future of Fitness
The Home Office Warrior Workout
The Lose Your Belly Diet
The Miraculous Power of Fruit and Vegetables
The Running Manual
The Ultimate Anti-Aging Guide
The Ultimate Fitness Video Library
The Ultimate Home Workout Plan
TLC Diet Transformation
Total Body Weight Transformation
Vegan Diet
Vegan Warrior
Warrior Brain




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Hey there,

My good friend Daniele just released another awesome product!

It’s a package of 1000+ Fitness & Health Infographic Posts, and with just 5 minutes of work per day you can upload them and grow fast your Social Media profiles

Fitness and Health are two of the hottest and most profitable niches online, and you can easily build a huge following base, grow your business and sell products or services!
The infographics are editable as you like and Daniele included also video trainings on how to edit them and upload them on Instagram (same process for any other website)
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 Fitness and Health are two of the hottest and most profitable niches online, and you can easily build a huge following base, grow your business and sell products or services!

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