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Introducing the mega bundle of Midjourney Digital Art Prompts, your ultimate source of creative prompts to generate stunning artistic A.I. images!

These 450 ready-to-use prompts are great for sparking new ideas for your next project, like Posters, Home Decor, Frame Prints, Cards, etc. or to become an highly paid A.I. artist

This isn’t just a bunch of prompts, it’s a box full of inspiration, ready to get your creativity flowing!


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FRONT END - Midjourney Digital Art Prompts - $14.97 (60% Commissions). After launch the price will go up to $17!

Package of 450 Midjourney Prompts to create stunning A.I. artistic images.

The prompts subjects are: characters, landscapes, animals and buildings, all in an artistic and original style!

Use the generated images for posters, home decor, wallpapers, print-on-demand, resell them online, etc.

OTO1 - Additional Digital Art Prompts - $37 (50% Commissions)

Expand the collection with an additional package of 1500 Midjourney Prompts in the same categories

OTO2 - Midjourney Photography Prompts - $27 (50% Commissions)

Package of 800 Midjourney Prompts to create ultra realistic photography-like AI images

OTO3 - A.I. Midjourney Prompts Generator - $47 (50% Commissions)

  • Advanced copy & paste prompt that will make ChatGPT create detailed Midjourney Prompts in any niche/category. You don’t need any previous skill, ChatGPT will create the perfect prompt for you!
  • Comprehensive guide on how to use the generator to create unlimited prompts for Midjourney in any style you want. Step-by-step instructions and examples included!




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