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Have you noticed that everyone’s into quick, viral videos these days? Long and boring videos just don’t cut it anymore – we’re all too busy for that…

But if you check out TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube, you’ll see that some people are blowing up with super short videos – and they’re not even showing their face!

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Social media giants like TikTok and Instagram are shelling out thousands of dollars to these video gurus!

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Introducing the Motivational Videos Bundle (V2)

I’ve put together a Mega Pack of Motivational Viral Videos that’s ready to go – no need to stress about finding videos or editing them!

This is the ultimate source of amazing viral content to give mental strength, motivation, resilience and keep your audience engaged on Social Media.

This is the 2nd Edition of my best-selling Motivational Viral Videos Bundle, and this new update features 100% NEW videos, so there’s no overlap with the previous one.

This is a super trending type of video that is totally exploding on social media, and there are tons of profiles getting floods of followers by uploading these engaging videos

You can choose one, or a few, every day and upload them straight to TikTok, Youtube Shorts, and Instagram Reels all at once in under 5 minutes!

You don’t need to be a video editing whiz, just pick a video and click a few buttons – it’s that easy! And if you want to jazz it up, you can add your own logo or tweak the video a bit

This is a total game-changer! You’ve got ready-made viral content at your fingertips and it’s super quick and easy to upload. You could be growing your social media channels in no time!

here are some examples of the videos:

Hey, Daniele Melandri here ... Who am i?

I’m an Online Marketing Expert, looking to help Marketers and Online Businesses increase results and success!

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Look at the massive results you can get

Here is the success these type of channels are getting, and keep in mind that all they do is upload 1-2 simple videos a day!

You can gain a huge competitive advantage today because you won’t be doing any manual work, since I am giving you a lot of done-for-you content

You won’t have to spend more than 5 minutes a day to upload it!

Here's what's inside this package:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)​

The videos are safe to upload without any copyright issue, by the way if you want the content to get maximum engagement from social media platforms the best thing to do is to make small edits to the videos before uploading them (I explain in detail how to do it inside the tutorial guide). It’s HIGHLY suggested to make this little changes to show your content as unique!

There’s not a fixed quantity. If your social media account is relatively new (or without any previous content uploaded) it’s better to start with just 1 video/day. Then after one week you can start uploading 2 videos/day, but it’s up to you, there’s no fixed rule.

The same “1 video/day” can be obviously uploaded at the same time on TikTok, Youtube Shorts and Instagram Reels, since they are all different platforms.

Unrestricted PLR” stands for “Unrestricted Private Label Rights“. This means that you can use the videos in any way you like. You can use them for yourself, you can rebrand them and you can also resell the package as your own.

You can resell it entirely or in parts, it’s totally up to you. There are NO restrictions, that’s the reason behind the wording above.

No, All Sales Are Final. I DO NOT offer any refund for this product, since you get unrestricted use for the material and I don’t want people to get access, download everything and immediately ask for a refund. It’s unethical and disrespectful to me and other customes, since the content inside is highly valuable and useful.


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